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Inspire Consultants practices complete transparency at all stages of service provided by different individuals and departments. We have a wide range of services; our goal is to ensure the client satisfaction.


Every countries have their own unique assessment polices, based on factors such as Education qualification, age, work experience, financial stability and other such related factors. Our Subject matter experts analyze your profile and recommend you for the best options you qualify.

Pre – assessment is highly recommend as it helps deciding the options suitable for the client and avoid unnecessary waste of time and money due to choosing the wrong options.

Visa Consulting

After the Pre-assessment, we suggest you the best visa options available. With rich experience with all different visa policies and strong analytic skills our visa specialists provide customized solutions. Our visa specialist carefully studies the amendments in Laws and provides updates.

Processing Plan

Once you decide on the type of Visa, we assign a Case executive, who shall assist you though out the entire process.


The success of every case depends on the documentations. The case executive dealing in your case shall educate you on the documents needed, attestation, compiling and submission.

Job placement

  • We evaluate your Employment options
  • We write an effective Video Resume script based on your Resume that concisely summarizes your relevant education, experience, skills and characteristics.
  • We help you create a winning online resume/curriculum vitae using our Resume Builder Program
  • We coach you to provide a professional Video Resume presentation and teach you to present yourself effectively
  • We record and upload your Video Resume to our Website
  • We provide you with a unique URL to your own online Webpage.
  • We advise you regarding obtaining effective employment reference verification reports from previous employers to substantiate your prior work experience.
  • We advise and assist you regarding obtaining provincial occupation certification and licensing if required.

Post Landing Service

 Our wide-range of services includes:
  • Arranging Airline Ticketing.
  • Airport pick-up once in Canada
  • Customs advice
  • Taxation advice
  • Social Insurance Card, Medicare card, Permanent Residence Card, Drivers License
  • Accommodations: Temporary and permanent accommodation options
  • Transportation: Solutions regarding transportation to and from work, around Canada
  • Insurance: Medical, auto, disability, workplace, life, etc
  • Education: Advising dependents on schools and school programs.
  • Finance: Opening bank accounts, remitting money to home country, establishing credit history, credit cards.
  • Where to buy stuff cheaply: Home furnishing, clothing, food, etc

  Admissions in Indian Universities For Management and Science
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