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Work Permit

1. What is a Canadian Work Permit?

A Canadian work permit is a temporary resident visa issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada to grant permission to foreign workers seeking to engage in employment in Canada. It most commonly has maximum validity of up to one year, although work permits can be issued for up to three years in some cases.

2. Once a work permit is issued, can I change employers?

It would generally be necessary to seek a new work permit in order to engage in work with a different employer. A work permit is generally issued on the basis of an intention to work in a specific position and for a specific employer.

3. Will a work permit lead to permanent resident status?

A work permit is a temporary resident visa and does not lead directly to a Canadian permanent resident visa. However, there is no bar to an application for permanent resident status while residing in Canada as a temporary resident with a work permit. Possession of a Canadian work permit may facilitate admissibility for a permanent resident visa.

4. Who can make a job offer?

A job offer is made by a Canadian employer that requires the services of a foreign individual in Canada.

5. What is Job Offer Confirmation?

Job offer Confirmation is conducted by Service Canada (Human Resources and Skills Development Canada), which renders a Labour Market Opinion (LMO). This organization works in conjunction with Citizenship and Immigration Canada to ensure that the employment of foreign workers has an overall neutral or beneficial effect to the Canadian labour market.

6. How long does Confirmation take?

The duration of the Confirmation process depends on a number of factors, including the specific location at which the offer is being made. There are several Service Canada offices throughout Canada, and the location will affect processing delays. On average, delays for such cases are 45 to 60 days, although in some regions these delays may extend to several months at present.

7. Who can apply for a Canadian work permit?

With few exceptions, work permits are sought by those who have work arranged in Canada. This can include an offer of direct employment with a Canadian employer, contract employment in Canada, or some business activities in Canada. Such work must be described and documented in an application for a work permit

8. How long will it take?

The process of obtaining a Canadian work permit varies in duration, depending on the nature of the qualifications of the applicant, the nature of the job offer, the nationality and residence of the applicant, and the province of the applicant's destination.

9. Can I extend my work permit once it is issued?

Yes, it is typically possible to apply for an extension of an existing work permit. Such applications are submitted to a Case Processing Centre located within Canada, and the applicant is not required to leave Canada during the application process. At present, it is advisable to apply a minimum of 60 days prior to the expiration of your work permit.


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